Mauricio Pochettino Hints Premier League Return

Former Tottenham Coach has expressed his desire to return to coaching the English Premier League. The 47-year-old was sacked at Spurs on November 19 as a result of their poor run of form which led to Spurs difficult start of the season and has since then remained without a team to manage. Pochettino spoke at this week’s episode of In The Pink with Skysports’ Natalie Pinkham, saying how his time off coaching was more about self reflection and preparation for what’s to come as football can be a little unpredictable, therefore need to be ready for whatever challenge lies ahead. It was at this point, he made mention of his plans to return back to the Premier League.

The Argentine Football manager was linked to Manchester United following Solskjaer’s appointment as temporary coach, he also said he’s very much interested in the position if offered to him. Mauricio led Spurs to the Champions League final last season, including four consecutive top four finishes in the Premier League.

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